The range of ReBuenos consists in the traditional Belcan products, ready to eat at any time and place once they are thawed naturally.

Rebuenos is a selection of the best products and their different variants of weight to enjoy the pleasure of each bite.

Thus, among the products, we can find on the traditional Xuxo Crema, Xuxo Rayado and Xuxo Chocolate but with a usual size XL. Besides you can find the Croissant Cacao, Croissant Crema Nevado and Croissant Cacao Nevado.

All made following the traditional manufacturing of Belcan and frozen to keep its taste and quality for longer. You just have to get them out of the fridge twenty minutes before consuming and … Start enjoying the full flavor of Belcan!


Xuxo Crema XL

All the flavor of traditional Xuxo Crema now with an added bonus of enjoyment! You have the double of flavor!


Xuxo Rayado XL

We have changed cream for purest chocolate both inside and thanks to the coverage of this XL sized Xuxo.


Xuxo Chocolate XL

Belcan‘s flagship product with a pure chocolate filling and a maxi size to satisfy, with this Xuxo, the insatiable taste.



Xuxo Rayado

The Xuxo with chocolate inside and out of it. Ready to enjoy it at any time. 


Xuxo Crema

Enjoy whenever you want the taste of freshly made traditional Xuxo Crema Belcan


Xuxo Chocolate

This Xuxo is a Belcan‘s flagship product with added chocolate and ready to eat anytime. 



Croissant Cacao

The traditional Croissant filling tastier chocolate to delight fans of this product.


Croissant Crema Nevado

The Croissant stuffed with cream and prepared according to the traditional recipe, comes with a layer of icing sugar to provide the finishing touch.


Croissant Cacao Nevado

The Croissant Cacao Nevado with a layer of gloss sugar is more rebueno than ever.