Halloween or Castanyada? It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, we are specialists in developing Belcan‘s best marzipan sweet to celebrate this concrete date of the year. Panellets made by traditional pinion, exotic coconut, sophisticated almond… with hazelnuts, fruits, cinnamon and many more! 

Mantecados and Roscos de Vino y Almendra

Bringing the Andalusian tradition to northeastern Spain, to help the population of Barcelona enjoy these sweets, very common at Christmastime. Mantecado of chocolate, mantecado of cinnamon, mantecado of icing glass… All of them are available to celebrate these special days with the whole family.

Roscos de Vino y Almendra are our great contribution to this sweet we have achieved thanks to the incorporation of almonds, and giving it a very distinctive taste, as a consequence of the know-how of Belcan.


Roscón de Reyes

The Three Kings Day would not be the same without the Roscón de Reyes, a tradition that endures over the years and brings together family and our closest friends around the table and sharing this sweet with a surprise inside.

Filled with cream, Spanish cream, truffle or with the traditional marzipan will delight the most discerning palate, while looking forward to the king and the bean to know who will pay at last.

Cocas de San Juan

Cocas de San Juan have become the main reason to celebrate this summer night, that is celebrated with particular enthusiasm in the Catalan capital and other surrounding villages.

The traditional fruit and pine nuts Coca changed in other specialties that Belcan manufactures and markets today. Among them, the cream and fruit coca, the angel hair coca, the chicharrones and pine nuts coca … and even the chocolate coca, which in recent years has become the most favorite for many people.

A glass of champagne to drink with them and ready to celebrate the shortest night of the year!